SXSW Interactive 2016 Preview

Havas is heading back to Austin for the 23rd annual SXSW Interactive Festival. We’ll be sharing insights and experiences in five sessions, covering everything from email marketing to music licensing.

Below, panelists share previews of what you can expect to learn.


“Data Defeats Truman: How CRM Will Elect a President”

Kyle Britt (@kylejbritt), senior digital strategist at Havas helia:

“The 2016 U.S. presidential election is interesting for all the normal reasons, as well as an abnormal one (thanks to an opinionated real estate mogul), but something else is interesting this year: candidates have changed the way they interface with voters. They still send us mail and call us, and of course they email us, but they also tweet, post on Facebook, send Snapchats, and record Vines. Hillary Clinton is on Pinterest, for god’s sake.

At Havas helia we’ve, been tracking all of those communications and will be presenting how they tell an incredibly compelling story of the election and how they can shed some light on who we might actually see in the White House come January 20, 2017.”


“Shut Up and Make: Turning Passion into Profession” 

Jason Peterson (@jasonmpeterson), chief creative officer of Havas Worldwide North America:

“Everyone is trying to figure out how to strike a balance between paying the bills and pursuing their passions. During this session, people will hear inspiring, real stories about taking risks, overcoming failure, and finding the time to do what you love.”


“Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: Luxury Confronts Digital”

Ambika Samarthya-Howard (@ambiarth), group account director at Havas Luxe:

“Come spend your Sunday afternoon talking digital and luxury. Learn how fashion is responding to smartphones, why Chanel now sells online, and why some luxury brands don’t plan to do either.”


“Understanding Average: The Inertia of Culture”

Maggie Gross (@themaggiest), director of brand and digital strategy at HWW New York:

“The difference between data and insights is empathy. And while there’s no shortage of data out there, there’s a ‘language barrier’ between marketing and the average person because most of us live very different lives from the people we’re being asked to connect with, and it’s hard to empathize with what you don’t understand.

So I created ‘Understanding Average’ as a way to help. It’s empathetic data that asks questions to help us see the world as others see it and offers insights that let us stand in other people’s shoes without judgment.”


“Creating Custom Songs for Film, TV, Trailers & Ads”

Michael Freeman, executive music producer at HWW New York: 

“Writing a song is hard. Writing a song for a client can be even harder. This panel is for all who write music and want to have their work synched for advertising, film, and TV. We will workshop and critique artists’ music to discuss what is and isn’t working and how to make their songs more synchable. In addition, we will offer insight into the music licensing  business, working better  with your client, and  getting your music heard and in front of decision makers.”