The G2 Lab

The Campaign 

LG wanted to reposition themselves in what is a heavily saturated smartphone category. They knew that being social and socialising is an integral part of the region’s culture, so designed their G2 smartphone to centre on human interaction and connectivity. A phone designed for people and for everyday life.

People learn best from people, so a human element was at the core of our multi-channel campaign and integrated media strategy. Therefore, LG launched the G2 in a unique, social and personable way to really emphasise its usability, rather than its technology.

The principal challenge was to really emphasise that the G2 was designed for the user, rather than to compete in terms of tech advancement and irrelevant gadgetry against its rivals - a phone to make life good.


Launch and Execution 

A multichannel launch took place across radio, print, OLV, social media, events and online advocacy, to drive users to a live series created on YouTube, which featured celebrity hosts and technology experts: The G2 Lab.

Ten days before the lab began; we predominantly used online media, radio and LG social channels to drive users to the lab. We also handed out 14 G2 phones to our experts and hosts to promote the launch, before inviting them onto the lab to discuss their G2 experience. 

The lab incorporated other activities and engagement opportunities with our viewers through real-time competitions and media sharing on each of the show’s air dates. Users from around the region dialled in via live webcam to discuss the phone with our experts and hosts.

Radio tie-ins across KSA and the UAE, print operations, special events and broadcasts also continued the G2 story into other media channel.


The Success 

The G2 smartphone was designed with connection, sociability and creativity at its core and by delivering an interactive, integrated and memorable campaign we made sure that the G2’s message was always: learning from you.

In just three weeks we had Google pick up the G2 Lab as a case study for the MENA region; 600,000 unique visitors visit the G2 lab; over 2,000,000 YouTube views; over 750,000 Fans on Facebook; 16,000 new followers on twitter, with over 200,000 unique engagements and 8,000 unique stories were created online.

In addition to this, LG’s growth in the region multiplied throughout the launch, brand loyalty increased by 7%, the social fan base increased by 20% and LG ranked Top 3 regional smartphone brand.