The Character Within

Objectives & Insights

Celebrity endorsements and personal visual identifiers are commonly used to attach a product proposition to the mindset of the audience - It’s a reflection of the product and selling a lifestyle.

In order for us to promote character we want to establish our own personality and tone to represent the 508 and it’s lifestyle. Our persona will act as an enabler by using a series of reflective and personal, thought provoking messages - creating realism and intrigue to the campaign.

A man of mystery and substance, he will stand for character within. However he should not represent everything about the car but make you question yourself and the choices you make. (Think Again).

He’s calm, considerate, he has depth and versatility. Wise and knowledgeable, but casual in his ability, he knows the choices you make in life define you as a character. If he was to choose a car he’d choose  one of character and dept. He is an everyman. He appeals to all men. We want to know who he is and what he stands for.


In order to capture our audience our creative platform needs to set Peugeot apart from the existing car clutter both visually and tonally. We propose focusing on the person that drives the car.

The choices they make, and question what defines their character? This route has emotional drive and will connect on a human and personal level in order to capture and create awareness of the choices we make (commercially) and ultimately bring Peugeot in to the consideration mindset. was the destination to communicate the ‘Character Within’ and educate our target audience on the launch off the new Peugeot 508. A hybrid parallax video based site was created to  takes the user into the world of the 508 and “Design With Character” to explore different types of video content highlighting the 508 features and to book a test drive fro their nearest dealer. Videos of local personalities to talk about “Character Within” under the section of “ Character in others” in relation to their trade and environment.


People will be able access the website from mobile and desktop  to watch and explore the Peugeot 508 features which is explained and injected in many videos throughout the sections as well as communication a strong call to action to test drive the Peugeot 508 today.

Also they will have the chance to enter a competition to win a trip to Paris and they can enter the draw by filling the forms on the website with the option to double up the chances to win by booking a test drive for the new Peugeot 508, people who test drive the cars will be handed a card with code to enter the competition online and they can refer their friend to test drive the car and find out more.

The campaign will be communicated through different media channels including Social media, paid media and Display support to drive traffic the microsite to book a test drive.