PifPaf has faced a drop in sales across the whole pesticide category in the region. More and more people in the ME region were resorting to pest-control companies, as many landlords get special deals with such companies. Consumers preferred using pest control companies, as they came with multiple advantages, and take a burden off of the homeowner.

Our target audience is a standard-conscious mum who wants a pest-free home.  She has enough to worry about on a daily basis to also worry about pests entering her home and being a nuisance.  For her pest control, she prioritizes agencies primarily because they are effective and she is convinced by their guarantees.  She trusts Pif Paf, but it is not her primary solution. Even though she keeps a can in her house, she still relies on the pest control agencies


We had to educate consumers on the fact that, although pest control agencies may be efficient (fast and long-lasting), they can’t guarantee total safety, and PifPaf is still the number 1 ally to fight the enemies.


Fighting cockroaches (one of the toughest insects) is a war. Once armed with Pif Paf  - cockroaches don’t stand the chance.


Creating simple, yet impactful images for POSM / TVC of cockroaches wearing gas mask, instantly catching the consumer’s attention. Impressed with the quick result, the client extended campaign by moving the idea into in-mall activations and in-store activations.