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Strategic Planning

Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Brands online need to be like water. Gone are the days of "destination" sites where all traffic is driven to them. Today brands need to flow into the communication nooks-and-crannies where the audience, who the brand wants to engage with, is already there.

The team at Havas Worldwide Middle East puts this thinking at the heart of all we do digitally. Our strategic thinking does not just ask "How do we get people there?" We find out how we get the brand to where the people are and conversations are happening. This starts with a deep understanding of what territory a brand can authentically own or play in online and offline. Once this is established, the creative platform to bring this alive is created and enmeshed with the correct channels to bring it to life, be shared and engaged with.

We do not believe in a 'Build It And They Will Come' approach. The strategic use of media to create awareness, drive use and engagement is a cornerstone of ensuring digital success. Wrapping all of this up is the fact that we are also data geeks.  Data and insight drive strategy and channel.