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Creative & Design

CX Modeling and Planning

CX Modeling and Planning

For us to create a solid foundation of website usability, we always start planning how the existing information will be found and navigated.  CX Modeling and Planning is a core discipline at Havas Worldwide Middle East. 

It allows us to structure the content in an improved way and helps us to plan and organise so that users can access the desired information easily.

Customer Experience is a vital part of our digital offering, sitting at the heart of multiple, successful web and mobile projects for our clients.  Our Customer Experience Modeling and Planning teams employ best practice learnings, proprietary planning tools and testing such as heat mapping and eye tracking to help us optimise the web experience for users. 


Conceptualisation & Design

Conceptualisation & Design

Creating impressive designs for either web, tablet, mobile or social has never been our sole objective. We are proud so say that we love creativity and therefore our mission has always been to deliver ideas that work.

We take great pride in understanding the latest trends and have launched award-winning concepts for our clients. With consumer, behaviour, social, UX, technology and content understanding and through attention to detail and quality assurance, we build creative that works, that is meaningful and delivers rich integrated digital experiences.



We live in the mobile age.  We know this is true, and we know you’ve seen the stats. 

We design and build native mobile applications for our clients to run on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows mobile. Applications that allow brands to develop and distribute rich mobile content via well established commercial distribution channels.

When we build for web we build for mobile and tablet, and that means responsive design.  We pride ourselves at Havas Digital Middle East that all our web and social applications are designed to be used on mobile.  For us designing responsively doesn’t only mean creative and HTML5 but also impacts our content planning and UX in the earliest stages of our processes.

From gamification, geo-based content, personal tracking, content distribution, utility tools, social integration and sharing - native mobile applications offer our clients cutting edge UX design and function at their fingertips.  




Storytelling is a very important part of every digital experience we deliver. Photography, video, sound and motion help us to bring the story of every digital experience to life. Our digital production captivates, entertains and ignites emotions. We then work hard to ensure it lives and is shared online.

Havas Digital Middle East has grown its content production capabilities from projects such as simple e-newsletters for our clients to multi-shoot and location videos for distribution online and via social channels. 

From content creation, curation and syndication our content delivery is always born form a strong concept and creative idea. We bring the experts, production values and an eye for the innovative to all the content we produce. 

Programmed content is now being accessed in other means instead of between the set hours of a programme 'sans adverts'. Brands are now free to produce content which directly reaches their target audience. Imagine! Content is everything… and then some: copy, image, video, apps, news, documented/live PR events digitised in addition to Likes, Comments and Shares. It's a whole new world out there - so let's start creating!